Join us for an evening of crafting, community, and meaningful conversation!
Thursday, March 11 at 7pm CT - 8:30pm CT

Crafting, Community, and Conversation

Want to learn a new skill and build relationships through conversation? Join us for Maker Class!

We will come together to complete a craft, have meaningful conversation, and enjoy time learning a new skill. 
All virtually!

This month's project is a gorgeous Prayer Board!
Amy will lead us through this craft and three thought-provoking questions around the subject - "Miss Perfect"

Order Your Workshop Box + Enroll

Join Maker Class on March 11 at 7pm CT via Zoom

*All pertinent information will be emailed to you

Make friends, complete a craft, and learn a new skill

Leave with a full heart and beautiful new craft

Can't join us on March 11th at 7pm CT?
No problem! We will be recording the Maker Class and sending it out to all purchasers. 

Open Hearts & Open Conversations

We all need connection, friendships, and to linger together. Christ-centered conversation opens up so many possibilities within ourselves. Three thought-provoking questions will be presented during Maker Class for us to think on, pray on, and speak on with our small groups. Although we will be virtual, we want Maker Class to provide an opportunity for open and honest conversation through crafting. 
Meaningful Conversation and Crafting
A night of crafting, meaningful conversation, new skills, and creativity.
Skill Building & A Creation You Can Keep
Virtual Crafting Class
Meaningful Conversation
A Creative Community
Amy will be leading the Maker Class, showing us how to complete the project. You will learn a new skill as we all come together for this exciting class! Then, Amy will share with us what the 3 questions are that our small groups will be answering.
Next we will all break out into small groups through Zoom. Each group will go through the three questions while completing their project. This month's questions are all around "Miss Perfect".
We will all come back together as a group to show off our projects and discuss the three questions. 

We can't wait for all the crafting and community that will happen on March 11, 2021! 
How will the class run?
We will be using Zoom to facilitate the class. The Zoom link and password will be sent out on the day of the Maker Class. 
You will join the Zoom and we will start the class. Once everyone understands how to do the craft, we will break out into groups. You will automatically be put into a group through Zoom. You will complete your craft and go through the Conversation Questions with your group. We will then all come back together to show our projects and to close out the discussion.

How long is Maker Class?
Class will start promptly at 7:00 pm CT and go until about 8:30 pm CT. 

When will the Zoom link be distributed?
The Zoom link will be sent out the day of the Maker Class.

What happens after I order my box?
Once you order your box, we will ship it out to you! Once it gets to you, you are welcome to open it but do not complete the craft yet. We will want to all do that together during the Maker Class!

What if I can't make this date but want to participate?
If you are unable to join us on March 11th - no problem! We will send out a #replay of the Maker Class to all purchasers. 

Can I order my box after the class has taken place?
Yes! If you want to order your box after March 11th, we will send you a #replay of the Maker Class with your purchase. 

When is the last day to order my kit?
The last day to order your kit so that it gets to you in time is Monday, March 8th. We cannot guarantee that it will make it to you on time, but we will try our best!

What if my box doesn't get here in time?
Shipping can be unpredictable. We will do everything we can to get you your Maker Class box in time. However, we recommend ordering your box as early as possible.

Can I invite my friends?
Yes! Sharing is caring. Invite your friends to the Maker Class for a great night of crafting, community, and more. 

We can't wait to see you in the first Maker Class!

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