Learn how to make candles and enjoy a talk on being a light through hospitality! 

Crafting, Community, and Conversation

Want to learn a new skill and build relationships through conversation? Join us for Maker Class!

We will come together to learn how to make candles, have meaningful conversation, and enjoy time learning a new skill. 

"Maker Class was a great opportunity to cultivate beautiful friendships while learning a new craft"

This  project will be creating
 Etched Candles with RE + NEW + ALL Candle!
Amy & Lee from RE + NEW + ALL will lead us through this workshop and three thought-provoking questions around the subject of how to develop the gift of hospitality in our homes

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Meet This Our Speaker! ✨

Janna from @YellowPrairieInteriors

Janna will be discussing how to be light through hospitality.  ✨✨✨

Learn more about her here...
Growing up on a little apple farm in Oregon shaped me in many ways. Mom and Dad taught us to love Jesus, work hard, and do our best. As a kid I imagined having the corner office in a big city skyscraper, but God knew better. These days I live on a little farm with my husband (and best friend), Ryan. We have 2 (pretty much grown) kids, 2 (mischievous) pups, and I spend my days doing interior design/influencing work (decorating for the JOY of it) on social media. 

Want to enjoy a Maker Class during some "me time" or with a group?

Open Hearts & Open Conversations

We all need connection, friendships, and to linger together. Christ-centered conversation opens up so many possibilities within ourselves. Three thought-provoking questions will be presented during Maker Class for us to think on, pray on, and speak on with our small groups. Although we will be virtual, we want Maker Class to provide an opportunity for open and honest conversation through crafting. 
Meaningful Conversation and Crafting
A night of crafting, meaningful conversation, new skills, and creativity.
Skill Building & A Creation You Can Keep
Virtual Crafting Class
Meaningful Conversation
A Creative Community
Amy will be leading the Maker Class, showing us how to complete the project. You will learn a new skill as we all come together for this exciting class! Then, Amy will share with us what the 3 questions are that our small groups will be answering.
Next we will all break out into small groups through Zoom. Each group will go through the three questions while completing their project. This month's questions are all around how to develop the gift of hospitality in your home.
We can't wait for all the crafting and community that will happen on May 15th, 2021! 
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